sølstrek's professional background as a performer and collaborator in contemporary music and opera gives her a unique perspective on the role of music in storytelling. Whether you would like to license an existing library track for your project, or create something unique, we will work with you to create music which adds to the dramatic and emotional impact of your story/installation. 

Every collaboration starts with a chat, where we get to know you, your ideas, and your story. We will create a unique sound palette for your project, working within your budget to deliver professional quality cues.

Where the budget allows, we can assemble an ensemble of outstanding professional musicians to record the commissioned score, working in partnership with studios in the west of Ireland. 

We are open to collaborations involving:

  • film
  • television
  • documentary
  • video games
  • spoken word
  • podcast
  • radio
  • theatre
  • dance and more. 
  • site-specific installation works 
  • performances in galleries and other spaces
Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances” - Maya Angelou